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how to find us

In the heart of Wokingham lives our Elms Walk studio - committed to creating physical and emotional good.


Elms Walk
Wokingham RG40 2FE
Next to the Everyman cinema

opening times

Monday - Friday: 7am - 8.30pm
Saturday 8am - 2pm
Sunday 9am - 2pm


There are three paid-for car parks within walking distance of Core Connexion Wokingham:

Elms Road

12 Elms Road
RG40 2AA
(Open until 19.15 Mon-Fri, 18.15 Saturday and closed Sunday)

Map Link

Carnival Swimming Pool

2AF Wellington Road
RG40 2AF

(Free after 6pm)

Map Link

Denmark Street

Denmark Street
RG40 2BB

(Free 6pm to 8am and all day Sunday)

Map Link